About Me

Darkmoon Print is a new 3D printing shop located outside Bergen, Norway.

The story begins with a simple passion for tabletop gaming. What started as a hobby, printing custom pieces for my own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, quickly snowballed into something much bigger.

Driven by enthusiasm and a growing collection of 3D printers, I realized the potential to share this excitement with others. Each piece that comes out of my printers is crafted with personal care and attention, ensuring that I deliver not just a product, but a creation that brings joy and excitement.

Since all my prints are done in-house and can be tailored to individual requests, I can guarantee that no two pieces are the same. Whether you're looking to enhance your game night, gift a personalized model, or bring a unique idea to life, I'm here to make it happen.

Join me in the adventure of 3D printing where your ideas take shape in the most personalized way possible!